Contactless Digital Thermometer DR FLU 340

Fast temperature measurement - For people and objects - Large LED display - Temperature alarm - Long battery life

If you are looking for a precision and quality thermometer you are looking for the Contactless Digital Thermometer DR FLU 340. It has an advanced measurement system capable of measuring temperature in just 1 second clearly and thanks to its precise calibration you will be sure of your body temperature at all times. In addition its temperature alarm will warn if you are above the usual body temperature by displaying its red LED.

Easy to use for all measurements

This thermometer is able to measure your body temperature to see if you have a fever, simply by pointing at your forehead. It's safe and accurate. It is designed with a high-precision infrared sensor, which can quickly scan your body temperature. Since it is intelligent, it can also be used for objects and know what temperature they are at. In addition, thanks to its LED display you can easily see the temperature. Its design is very sophisticated, very easy to use and uncomplicated. It also has a record of up to 32 measurements so you can check the evolution of the measurements. Its materials are made of hard and resistant plastic. Do you have to renew the thermometer at home? Do not hesitate, buy Contactless Digital Thermometer DR FLU 340 that you can find at PowerPlanetOnline.

Technical Specifications Contactless Digital Thermometer DR FLU 340

  • Model: DR FLU 340
  • LED backlight display
  • Measuring range:
    • Body: 32º - 42.5ºC
    • Accuracy: from ± 0.2 to ± 2 ℃
  • Measurement distance: 5-15cm
  • Features:
    • Quick temperature measurement
    • Overtemperature alarm
    • Operating temperature: 10º - 50ºC
  • Works with two AAA batteries (Not included)
  • Color: purple / white

Package content

  • 1 x Contactless Digital Thermometer DR FLU 340


Normal Temperature According To Measurement Method*

  • Anus (Rectal) temperature: 36.6ºC to 38ºC / 97.8ºF to 100.4ºF
  • Mouth (Oral) temperature: 35.5ºC to 37.5ºC / 95.9ºF to 99.5ºF
  • Armpit (Axillary) temperature: 34.7ºC to 37.3ºC / 94.4ºF to 99.1ºF
  • Ear (Tympanic) temperature: 35.8ºC to 38ºC / 96.4ºF to 100.4ºF
  • Forehead (Temporal) temeprature: 34.9ºC to 37.2ºC / 94.9ºF to 99.0ºF

The temperature of the human body varies throughout the day. It can also be influenced by numerous external factors: age, gender, type and thickness of skin...

Normal Temperature According To Age*

  • 0 to 2 years: 36.4ºC to 38ºC / 97.5ºF to 100.4ºF
  • 3 to 10 years: 36.1ºC to 37.8ºC / 97.0ºF to 100.0ºF
  • 11 to 65 years: 35.9ºC to 37.6ºC / 96.6ºF to 99.7ºF
  • >65 years: 35.8ºC to 37.5ºC / 96.4ºF to 99.5ºF





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