Chauvin F201 Clampmeter

Category: AC/DC Clampmeter
600A AC TRMS Clampmeter
All the basics for mains powered installations and equipment

The F200 Series meets the needs of self employed electricians and small and medium-sized business and industries in the electrical sector.

Chauvin Part No: P01120921


The F200 clamps are ideal for low-power or medium-power low-voltage applications: maintenance of tertiary or industrial electrical installations or installed machines, power supply diagnostics and / or sizing, commissioning of air-conditioning and heating systems, work on electric vehicles, etc.

With a fast 12-bit TRMS digital acquisition system, F201 clamps offer particularly accurate measurements. Due to their large bandwidth and high crest factor, these clamps guarantee accurate measurements whatever the type of signal.

Chauvin F201 Clampmeter Features

  • Display resolution: 6,000 counts.
  • Acquisition method:TRMS.
  • A AC: 0.15 to 600A (900A peak).
  • V AC: 0.15 to 1,000V (1,400V peak).
  • V DC: 0.15 to 1,400V.
  • Clamping diameter: 34 mm.
  • Ohm: 0.1Ω to 59.99kΩ.
  • Diode test (semiconductor junction): YES.
  • Display: LCD.
  • Audible continuity: YES.
  • Electrical safety as per IEC 61010: 600V CAT IV.
  • Dimensions: 78 x 222 x 42 mm.
  • Weight: 340g.
  • Chauvin F201 Warranty: 1 year.

Included Accessories:

Carrying case.


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