Hioki Bare Board HiTester 1236-11

Category: Bare Board Testing

Super-High-Speed Testing System for Boards with Embedded Passive and Active Devices Utilizing the Index Table Method

The 1236-11 is a bare board test system that harnesses Hioki’s populated board testing technology and includes support for next-generation boards with embedded passive and active devices. It features mass-production capabilities that uses test heads (test fixtures) to test fine pitch boards.

• Bare board testing system featuring HIOKI populated board testing technology developed starting in 1986
• LSI reliability testing (I/O pin leak current, standby current consumption, connection reliability testing)
• Isolated testing of composite components
• High-current continuity testing at up to 150 mA
• Insulation testing with automatic protection of embedded passive and active devices
• Four-terminal continuity testing to guarantee pattern resistance values

■ Specifications overview

Maximum number of pins Max. 4,096 per side (total max. 8,192 top and bottom)
Number of test steps Max. 100,000 steps
Cycle time 1 sheet, 4 layouts: 8 sec.
(Number of endpoints: 4,906; number of nets: 2,048; continuity testing: 50 mA/100 Ω; isolation testing: 200 V/20 MΩ)
Minimum pad diameter φ 20 μm
Probing area 40 × 40 mm (1.57 ×1.57 in) to 140 × 140 mm (5.51 × 5.51 in)
Clampable/transportable board dimensions Thickness: 0.3 to 3.2 mm (Thin boards may require a special fixture.)
Outer dimensions: 50 mm (1.97 in) W × 50 mm (1.97 in) D to 260 mm (10.24 in) W × 160 mm (6.30 in) D
Inter-probe pitch Min. 150 μm (Please contact HIOKI if a pitch of less than 150 μm is required.)
Power supply 200 V AC ±10% (3-phase), 50/60 Hz, 5 kVA (*Including handler)
Dimensions and mass 2,100 mm (82.68 in) W × 1,900 mm (74.80 in) H × 1,535 mm (60.43 in) D, 2,300 kg (81,128.7 oz) (*Excluding handler)


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