Motor101A Data Logging System

The Motor101A measures and records on and off status changes for motors or other equipment drawing up to 200 Amps. The state change occurs when the current switch exceeds the 150mA set point. This allows for most basic equipment to be monitored.

The current switch monitors whether there is current passing through a wire around which it is clamped. When the current exceeds 150mA’s, the output changes and provides a voltage for the Motor101A to measure. The device can hold up to 406,323 state changes, but memory will only be used if the status has changed. The device can be programmed to check for status changes 4 times per second up to once every 24 hours.

The Motor101A-NC includes the data logger and current switch. The Motor101A-C includes a data logger, current switch and an IFC200 interface cable.


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