ATAGO PRO Graphic ATAGO Viscometer

Category: ATAGO Viscometer
Model PRO Graphic L PRO Graphic R PRO Graphic H
Cat.No. Cat.No.6703 Cat.No.6713 Cat.No.6723
Request Quotation Quantity Quantity Quantity
Measurement Accuracy ±2% (Full scale)
Resolution Less than 10.000mPs•s : 0.1, more than 10.000mPs•s : 1,
using low viscosity sample adaptor (optional) : 0.01
Measurement range
20~6,000,000 100~40,000,000 200~106,000,000
Speed 0.01 - 250 rpm, Number of speeds : 2600
Power consumption AC100V - 240V,50/60Hz
Interface USB
Dimensions & weight W:310mm×D:318mm(max)×H:395mm-530mm(adjustable),3.4kg
(Main unit)
Language English, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, Polish, Catalan
Auotmatic stop Torque, time
Program setup Possible(Multistep•Ramp)
Accessories Standard spindle
(A total of four L1 - L4)
Standard spindle
(A total of six R2 - R7)
Datalogger (to excel)
Optional PC Software (ATAGO soft)


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