GW INSTEK GDS-1000A Series


* 150/100/60MHz Bandwidths
* 1GSa/s Real-Time Sample Rates Maximum, 25GSa/s Equivalent-Time
* 2Mega Point Record Length
* 2mV~10V Vertical Scale
* 1ns~50s Horizontal Range
* Up to 27 Automatic Measurements
* 5.6" TFT LCD Display
* USB Interface & SD Card Supported
* Multi-Language Support on Operation Menu & On-Screen Help


The GDS-1000A series provide a unique solution. The GDS-1000A lineup includes GDS-1152A, GDS-1102A and GDS-1062A three models. Operating at 150, 100 or 60 MHz with a real-time sampling rate of 1GSa/s, the GDS-1000A employs MemoryPrime technology . Using MemoryPrime technology, the GDS-1000A is able to overcome the problems associated with memory constraints. High sample rates, rarely found in traditional DSOs, can be maintained over longer periods of time, without effecting performance.

Coupled with the high resolution 5.6” color TFT display, SD memory card support, user-friendly interface and USB remote control make the GDS-1000A series feature-rich. Furthermore, the GDS-1000A series provide a
lifetime warranty program!

PictBridge Printer Supported

The GDS-1000A is one of the few DSOs currently on the market that can provide complete remote control or data capture over an USB interface. The GDS-1000A Series also supports PictBridge, allowing you to print directly to your printer without complex configuration. After connecting to a PictBridge compatible printer with an USB cable, printing is as easy as pressing a button.

Fast Horizontal Position Mark and Search

MemoryPrime technology allows a maximum of 2M points of waveform data. For engineers, analyzing a considerable amount of data can be an extremely challenging task. To assist engineers to analyze waveforms quicklier, we provide Horizontal Page Skip and Set Time Mark functionalities, letting engineers take full advantage of the 2M memory depth.

Demo video

Auto Measurement Gating

A built-in Autoset function on a digital oscilloscope gives engineers remarkable convenience. With the complexities of product features, traditional auto measurement information is inadequate for modern measurement needs. The new Cursor Gating feature allows you to mark an area with cursors for auto measurement.

Demo video

Flexible Probe Factor Setting

There is a diverse range of test probes currently on the market such as passive, differential, and electrical probes. The attenuation ratio of each probe type also differs greatly. To ensure compatibility, probe attenuation ratios of 0.1X to 2000X as well as voltage and current probes are supported by the GDS-1000A.

What is the single feature lacking from most digital storage oscilloscopes? Adequate memory depth. Is the memory depth of your DSO large enough?

With 2M points of memory, the GDS-1000A has the capability to acquire far more waveform data compared to other DSOs in the same performance range.

The 1GSa/s sampling rate and 2M point memory play an extremely powerful role for single-shot waveform capture. Properly set the trigger conditions to baby-sit the expected waveform. When the single-shot waveform is triggered and captured, you are able to check and see the single-shot event without losing any detailed information. A DSO, with high sampling rate but short memory, can't do the job of single-shot waveform capture as well as GDS-1000A can.
Full-featured acquisition mode and 27 auto measurement functions help users to measure the parameters of captured waveforms accurately. The advanced Auto-Set function enables GDS-1000 Series to catch waveform automatically and display waveform quickly. With Arithmetic functions, +, -, x and FFT, GDS-1000A Series keep users aware of the measurement results by updating values immediately. Without almost extra calculation, GDS-1000A can provide sufficient information of testing.
For the convenience of waveform observation and analysis, the GDS-1000A includes Delay On/Off functions usually available only in the higher end products. With Delay On, a signal can be observed from an offset of the trigger point. This feature allows the horizontal scale and the waveform scale to be expanded and centered on the delay point rather than the trigger point, allowing a signal to be observed in detail where needed.
In a DSO, "AC Coupling" is normally used to isolate the AC components of a signal by blocking the DC components. This is useful to see a signal with a small AC component that is offset with a large DC voltage. With AC coupling to block the DC voltage, small AC waveforms can be observed from the center of the screen for measurement or examination. However, capacitive loading under AC coupling mode may cause waveform distortion as low frequency components become degraded, an effect that needs to be avoided in frequency critical applications. The Expand by Ground and Center functions are convenient tools to expand a waveform vertically. With this feature, the vertical scale of a waveform can be expanded either from the ground reference or from the center of the screen without causing capacitive loading.
FFT & FFTrms
The FFT math function on a digital storage oscilloscope is often used to observe the fundamental and harmonic components of a signal. Typically the traditional unit of the FFT is a decibel (dB).

However in the use of dB, it is difficult to identify the fundamental frequency of a signal from a noisy spectrum sometimes. With the FFTrms function, the GDS-1000A series can clearly display the fundamental frequency of an acquired waveform.
Using a USB port coupled with FreeWave remote monitoring software is the easiest and most convenient way to capture data from the GDS-1000A. With FreeWave, a screenshot can be saved as an image file (.bmp/.jpg), waveform data(.csv) can be logged, and movie files(.wmv) can be recorded in real-time. Not only can FreeWave monitor and record waveforms over a long period of time, but previously recorded waveforms can also be observed. Instrument settings can even be configured without the need to learn incomp rehensible command line syntax. With the simple user interface and robust features, FreeWave allows you to get the most out of the GDS-1000A with little effort. With the Microsoft Excel or Word Add-ins, you only need to click the Add-in icon to import your test data, saving you time and effort from the action of copying and pasting data into documents.
By providing the Global Lifetime Warranty Program for the GDS-1000A digital storage oscilloscope series, we believe you can have the same confidence as we do in the quality of each GDS-1000A DSO. By purchasing a GDS-1000A you can be assured of a highly economical, low maintenance, quality DSO backed with the protection of the LifeTime Warranty program. The Lifetime Warranty Program guarantees customers will be supported regardless of their location. Customers will receive at least 5 years of full support even after production has ceased. For more details and applicable conditions regarding the LifeTime Service program, please visit the GW Instek website or consult your nearest distributor.


Rise Time
<5.8ns Approx.
<3.5ns Approx.
<2.3ns Approx.
Sensitivity 2mV/div ~ 10V/div (1-2-5 increments)
Accuracy ±(3% x |Readout| + 0.1 div + 1mV)
Input Coupling AC, DC & Ground
Input Impedance 1MΩ±2%, ~15pF
Polarity Normal & Invert
Maximum Input 300V (DC+AC peak), CATII
Waveform Signal Process + , - , x, FFT, FFTrms
Offset Range
2mV/div ~ 50mV/div: ±0.4V
100mV/div ~ 500mV/div: ±4V
1V/div ~ 5V/div: ±40V
10V/div: ±300V
Bandwidth Limit 20MHz (-3dB)
Sources CH1 , CH2 , Line , EXT
Modes Auto, Normal, Single, TV, Edge, Pulse Width
Coupling AC , DC , LF rej. , HF rej. , Noise rej.
Sensitivity DC ~ 25MHz: Approx. 0.5div or 5mV;
25MHz ~ 150MHz: Approx. 1.5div or 15mV
Range ±15V
Sensitivity DC ~ 25MHz : ~ 50mV ; 25M ~ 150MHz : ~100mV
Input Impedance 1MΩ±2% , ~ 15pF
Maximum Input 300V (DC AC peak) , CATII
Range 1ns/div ~ 50s/div (1-2.5-5 increments); ROLL : 250ms/div ~ 50s/div
Modes Main, Window, Window Zoom, Roll, X-Y
Accuracy ±0.01%
Pre-Trigger 10 div maximum
Post-Trigger 1000 div
X-Axis Input Channel 1
Y-Axis Input Channel 2
Phase Shift ±3°at 100kHz
Real-Time Sample Rate 1GSa/s maximum
Equivalent Sample Rate 25GSa/s maximum
Vertical Resolution 8 Bits
  2 Mega Points maximum
Acquisition Mode Normal, Peak Detect, Average
Peak Detection 10ns (500ns/div ~ 10s/div)
Average 2 , 4 , 8 , 16 , 32 , 64 , 128 , 256
Voltage Measurement Vpp ,Vamp ,Vavg ,Vrms ,Vhi ,Vlo ,Vmax ,Vmin ,Rise Preshoot/Overshoot ,Fall Preshoot/Overshoot
Time Measurement Freq ,Period ,Rise Time ,Fall Time ,Positive Width ,Negative Width ,Duty Cycle
Cursors Measurement Voltage difference between cursors (V)
Time difference between cursors (T)
Auto Counter
Resolution : 6 digits
Accuracy: 2%
Signal Source: All available trigger source except the Video trigger mode
Frequency Range 1kHz ~ 100kHz, 1kHz/STEP
Duty Cycle Range 5% ~ 95%, 5%/STEP
Autoset Adjust Vertical VOLT/DIV, Horizontal TIME/DIV, and Trigger level automatically
Save Setup Up to 15 sets of measurement conditions
Save Waveform 15 sets of waveform
TFT LCD Type 5.6 inch
Display Resolution 234(Vertically) x 320(Horizontally) Dots
Display Graticule 8 x 10 divisions
Display Brightness Adjustable
USB Slave Connector USB1.1 & 2.0 full speed compatible
(printers and flash disk not supported)
SD Card Slot Image (BMP), waveform data (CSV), and setup (SET)
Line Voltage Range AC 100V ~ 240V , 48Hz ~ 63Hz , Auto selection
Multi-Language Menu Available
Onscreen Help Available
  310(W) x 142 (H) x 140(D)mm, Approx. 2.5kg


User manual x 1, Power Cord x 1
Probe GTP-060A-4 or equivalent : 60MHz (10:1/1:1) Switchable passive probe for GDS-1062A (one per channel)
Probe GTP-100A-4 or equivalent : 100MHz (10:1/1:1) Switchable passive probe for GDS-1102A (one per channel)
Probe GTP-150A-2 or equivalent : 150MHz (10:1/1:1) Switchable passive probe for GDS-1152A (one per channel)

Optional Accessories
GSC-006  Soft carrying case
GTL-110  Test lead, BNC-BNC heads
GTL-242  USB 2.0 A-B type cable


Ordering Information:

GDS-1152A  150MHz, 2 channel color LCD display DSO
GDS-1102A  100MHz, 2 channel color LCD display DSO
GDS-1062A  60MHz, 2 channel color LCD display DSO











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