Infrared thermal imaging temperature \ Security \ Quick \ Temperature Warning System

Rapid detection of human body temperature passing through. Stopping is not necessary.

Connection monitoring functions :

  1. Instantly synchronized display of the thermal imager like the picture on the PC screen .
  2. When the thermal imager to detect more than a high temperature : with two different warning sound , you can set the body fever warning sound and warning sound outside fever over the body ( such as hot coffee and hot food ... etc) .
  1. Flashing red warning , digital temperature display characters , a warning sound from the PC speaker .
  1. Thermal imaging screen automatically according to date for the file name is automatically saved every minute JPG files.

    The system includes

    High-resolution thermal imaging infrared thermometer with high precision unit
    Easy installation can be fixed on mobile portable tripod
    Thermal imager features:
    1.             Using a high -resolution 384x288 Uncooled microbolometer sensor .
    2.             Temperature Accuracy : ±0.3@30~40 (Under 25 room operation temperature)
    3.             Fast detection speed : 50 Frames / second
    4.             Transmission Interface : Fast Ethernet IEEE802.3u (100BASE-T)
    5.             System manufactured in Korea. Using top-quality Samsung chips.

    CHC102A vaccination temperature rapid detection system

    Includes :

    A. Non-contact thermo camera:

    Specifications :

    1. Temperature Detection range: covers 20 degrees C ~ 50 ° C

    2. Temperature Resolution: 0.05 ° C or less

    3. Temperature Accuracy : ±0.3@30~40 (Under 25 room operation temperature)

    4. Temperature sensor : 384 x 288 points

    5. The thermal image temperature data update rate 50 Frames / second @ 384x288 mode

    6. Infrared spectral range : 8 ~ 14 μm

    7. Transfer Interface : Fast Ethernet IEEE802.3u (100BASE-T)

    8. Detection Angle : Horizontal 27 degrees , 20.4 degrees vertical

    B. CHC102A computer connection temperature monitoring software ( when used with the thermometer dedicated surveillance software )

    One set :


    1. You can set the temperature range for the whole area of ​​the monitored area or an area of ​​1-15 area detection

    2. The immediate area is displayed in A non-contact thermometer the temperature of the screen containing the maximum temperature value.

    3. The thermal image temperature data detection rate : 50 Frames / second @ 384x288 mode.

    4. The maximum temperature data synchronization displayed on a computer screen.

    5. The temperature range can be set to alert the software , the user sets the minimum temperature value - the maximum temperature value itself

       Sound an alarm and flashing red alarm when the temperature is between the minimum temperature value ~ maximum temperature ,

       Issued a warning sound and flashing yellow warning when the temperature exceeds the maximum value .

    6. You can set an alarm condition occurs when a high temperature , thermal imaging screen automatically when the date in accordance with the minutes and seconds for the file name is automatically saved JPG files.

    7. Compatible with Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Vista / XP / NT / 2000 systems.

    8. The software required functionality including online instructions .

    9. The software needs to be installed on multiple computers , when using the dongle and

       A key thermometer connection can be used.

    C. ( optional ) PC + 18 -inch above the LCD screen :

                   Including mouse , speakers , Ethernet connection interface .

    D. ( optional) Tripod


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