The first true non invasive thermometer and the world first smallest clinical infrared thermometer.

Just place the thermolert near the temple ( flat part of either sides of head between the forehead and the ear ) between 1 to 3 cm away from skin and within a few

fractions of a second the temperature reading will show on the LCD display.

Some forehead thermometers in the market either needs " a touched " scanning across the forehead ( hygienic problem ) or a minimum distace ( a few centimeter / one over inch ) to read correctly but the later exposes more to ambient temperature variations, hence affect the actual reading.

For extreme temperature differences such as cold winter or hot summer out-door, you can use as alternative ear thermometer as a back up by activating the ear thermometer mode located at the front end of the thermolert.

The thermolert will alert you with along beep and color changing LCD ( from green to yellow ) if temperature exceeds 38 degree Celsius ( feverish condition ) therefore suitable to use at night.

Due to the nature of the non invasive measurement, Thermolert is therefore suitable for us both in hospital environment or at home. It is a " Revolutionary Thermometer "

Specification :

Measurement Temperature Range : 0 - 50 Deg C ( 32 - 122 Deg F)

Operating Temperature Range : 10 - 40 Deg C ( 50 - 104 Deg F )

Operating Humidity Range : 0 - 95%RH

Accuracy : 0.2 Deg C

Memory : 10 memory, auto memorized the last 10 measurements temperature

Battery Type : 1 pc Battery CR2032

Weight : 30 gram Standard : Complies with CE,

ASTM and C-Tick CE Medical Device : Class II A



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