CM-31P and CM-31P-W (Pure water) Conductivity Meters -Japan

Category: Water

-CM-31PW for Pure Water
-Specfic Resistivity indicated by reciprocal calc.
-1000 point data memory
-LCD display for all parameters
-Data print-out capability
-Automatic Time interval Measurement
-Water proof housing
-Data hold function and auto power off
-Rugged probe design for field measurement

Conductivity Meter Optional Accessories
-CT-27112B Conductivity Cell. 1 Ms/m to 19.99S/m
-Flow Cell(CM-21PW) CT-23A (316 Stainless Steel)
-100 ml wide mouth bottle
-Optional Printer Unit
-AC adapter
-Carrying Case


Conductivity Meter Specifications (CM-31P)
Display LCD Digital Display
Measuring Range Cond: 0.00mS/m - 19.99S/m
Range Scales 0.000mS/m to 1.999mS/m, 0.00mS/m to 19.99mS/m, 0.0mS/m to 199.9mS/m, 0.000S/m to 1.999S/m, 0.00S/m to 19.99 S/m
Range change over Automatic/Manual Selectable
Repeatability E.Cond. within +/-0.5% FS
Accuracy Temp: 0-50 C; +/-0.5 C.
Temp. Compensation Automatic
Temp Coefficient 0 to 9.99%/deg C, Selectable
Data Memory 1000 Points
Temp of Sample 0 to 80 C.



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