BANTE DDS-W series Basic Conductivity Meter

DDS-W series conductivity meter are an easy-use basic meters

which used for measuring the electrical conductivity of liquids.

Automatic Calibration:

The meters can calibrate 1 point in each of the measuring ranges. 

From Setup Menu, choose calibration and immerse the electrode

into standard calibration solution,press ENTER key and meter is

automatically calibrated.


The meters have auto-range function for measuring conductivity.

Upon immersing conductivity cell into sample solution, the meter

will immediately displays the values in appropriate measurement

range for accuracy.

Adjustable Temperature Coefficient:

Various ions may have different temperature coefficients, The meters

can set the temperature coefficient between 0.0 and 3.9% in degrees

Centigrade for optimum accuracy.

Adjustable Cell Constant:

The meters have 3 cell constants for measuring requirements. Once a

cell constant has its calibration set, it is saved and does not require

re-calibration when switching sensors.

Automatic or Manual Temperature Compensation:

The meters provides manual or automatic temperature compensation

for optimum accuracy under variable temperature conditions.

Fluid Resistant Housing and Swivel Electrode Holder:

The integrated plastic housing and keypad is sealed to protect against

accidental spills. The electrode holder arm is rapidly switched to both

sides and  swivels and articulates for convenient use and positioning.




     Model   DDS-307W   DDS-12DW  
     Conductivity Range   0~20mS/cm (Max.200mS/cm) 0~20mS/cm (Max.200mS/cm)  
     Conductivity Accuracy   ±1% F.S ±1% F.S  
     Temperature Range   --- 0~100°C  
     Temperature Accuracy   --- ±1°C  
     Temperature Compensation   0~50°C, Manual 0~50°C, Automatic or Manual  
     Calibration Points   1 point per range  
     Calibration Solutions   100~170uS/cm, 1000~1700uS/cm, 10~17mS/cm  
     Temperature Coefficient     0~3.9% per °C  
     Cell Constant   K=0.1, 1, 10 (Selectable)  
     Power Requirements   DC9V, using AC adapters, 220VAC/50Hz  
     Dimensions   210(L)×205(W)×65(H)mm  
     Weight   1.7kg  
  Order Code and Accessories:  
     Order Code   Accessories  



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