BANTE WXG-4 Manual Polarimeter

Category: Polarimeters

WXG-4 manual polarimeter is ideal for determining concentration levels of samples for applications in the medical, pharmaceutical, educational and cosmetic industries etc.


Easy Measurement:

The polarimeter with 589 nm sodium lamp. Switch on the power, the polarized light beam will  immediately radiate to the polarizer,

filter. You can observed distinct visual fields through eyepiece. Put the sample cuvette into measuring field chamber, and rotate the vernier knob, you will find an equal brightness. Reading and recording the measured value from vernier scale, the testing is completed.


Specific Optical Rotation Measurement:

Specific optical rotation is constant value of substance. Uses 100mm sample cuvette, and control sample at 20 Degrees Celsius, you can measures the sample of  Specific Optical Rotation.


International Sugar Scale:

According to international sugar scale, put 26 grams pure sugar into solution, the angle of rotation of solution is 34.626. By above rule, you can calculate the purity of sugar.



100 and 200mm Tubes, Sodium Lamp






Model   WXG-4    
     Measuring Range   -180° ~ +180°
     Scale Value    1°
     Vernier   0.05°
     Magnifier   3x
     Light Source   Sodium Lamp
     Wavelength   589.44nm
     Round Cuvettes   100 or 200mm
     Power Requirements   AC 220V/50Hz
     Dimensions   500(L)×135(W)×330(H)mm
     Weight   6.5kg


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