BANTE WZZ-2A Automatic Polarimeter

Category: Polarimeters

WZZ-2A automatic polarimeter is a general-purpose polarimeter

with ±0.02 Degrees Optical Rotation accuracy. The instrument is applicable to food, university education, chemical and fragrance applications.


The instrument has an auto-control system, Switch onthepower, the system will automatically search an optical zero point. Place

the sample tube into the measuring field chamber, the instrument will shows measured value immediately.


Automatically Recognise Levorotatory or Dextrorotatory Substances: During the measurement, If the display shows an negative measured values, that indicates the sample is belong to levorotatory substance. If it is positive values, then indicates that sample is a dextrorotatory substances.



In order to get an accurate measurement results, we recommend you measure at least 3 times for a sample, Simply press +  or -  key, WZZ- 2A will automatically repeat measurements.




100 and 200mm Tubes, Sodium Lamp




Model   WZZ-2A    
   Measuring Range   -45° ~ +45°
   Accuracy   ±0.02°
   Light Source   Sodium Lamp
   Wavelength   589.44nm
   Round Cuvettes   100 or 200mm
   Power Requirements   AC 220V/50Hz
   Dimensions   600(L)×300(W)×200(H)mm
   Weight   24kg


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